Monkey Hands Pole Grip Sticky

Monkey Hands Pole Grip Sticky

Monkey Hands Pole Grip Sticky

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Monkey Hands is a gel grip aid designed specially for pole dancers. The creators have developed 3 formulas which they have honed to perfection over the last 7 years.

Sticky (Red) : Helps your hands stop sweating and provides strong additional grip when practicing. Best for beginners and pole dancers who struggle with sweaty hands.

Dries your hands and provides strong additional grip when practicing. Strong stickiness

It magically leaves no residue on equipment and clothes and it’s antibacterial!

Remember to clean and dry well your hands before applying.

Who loves it? Beginners and athletes who struggle with sweaty hands looking for strong stickiness.

Recommended for: Pole dance, Circus training

Ingredients: Isoamyl Laurate, c10-c30 acrylates, cros polymer acrylates, alcohol, silica.

Customer Reviews

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Joelene Rupesinghe

Monkey Hands Pole Grip Sticky

Naomi Robb
Amazing shoes

Fantastic shoes. Extremely fast service, will buy from again in future.


I’ve been struggling with my hand grip, I wasn’t able to do even some basic tricks and my liquid grip just wasn’t cutting it anymore. One of the girls at my studio let me try hers and I nailed most moves first go. I came home and ordered my own :) it’s been fantastic so far.

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